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Old 03-12-2015, 03:52 PM
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Originally Posted by judge View Post
Those fellas should be supported more.Well done for putting up this post.I was told by my panel beater/spray painter that a lot of places will take work from customers(especially main dealers)and get a job done for half the price from an independent fella and then they will add on a charge,having never done a job on the car whatsoever.So it pays to shop around.
It's just hard to watch when people get a single quote from one garage without shopping around and end up spending huge amounts of money. It's partially understandable because you have to drive around to all of them to get the quote but if it saves you the bones of a grand....

The thing is you can turn up at most places and they'll have a look straight away. You don't need to book in an assessment.

Dineens are out-the-door busy so free market rules apply. You can charge more if demand is high. I had to ring them twice just get them to email me a quote.

My auld fella was also saying there's a great guy out in Carrigaline on the road to Myrtleville. I'll get the name and post it here...
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