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Originally Posted by LarryDavid View Post
100%, they have a bunch of 20-something yr old media studies graduates writing hatchet pieces on him to beat the band.

The Guardian reads like the Onion now tbh, minus the funny. It's no surpise it's circulation has collapsed

The self same writers that are savaging him arn't fit to tie the guys shoelaces. His work with the Smiths and 30 years of solo material has left a significant impact on the musical landscape.

Who gives a shite about the man's politics. It doesn't matter a jot in relation to his music.
Morrissey's "circulation" has also collapsed as the kids love the skinny Smiths singer from the 1980's but hate the fascist Grandad tribute act.
"Nationalism is an infantile sickness. It is the measles of the human race."Albert Einstein
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