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Also part of Sounds from a Safe Harbour:

a concert inspired by Cork Harbour.

Forming part of Sounds from a Safe Harbour, this concert features the "Bangers and Crash Percussion Group", Ireland's exciting new percussion ensemble. The group will take the audience on a journey of the sounds of Cork Harbour by exploring the myriad of possibilities that can be created with wood, metal and water as sources of instrumentation.

The programme will feature:
- Donnacha Dennehy's "Paddy"
- Steve Reich's "Music for Pieces of Wood"
- Louis Andriessen's "Workers Union"
- selections from Elliot Cole's "Postludes" for bowed vibraphone
- a new piece by ensemble member, Alex Petcu-Colan, featuring gongs, singing bowls, water-based instruments and more.

The performers:
- Caitriona Frost
- Alex Petcu-Colan
- Chris Stynes
- Maeve O'Hara
- Clare O'Keeffe

Sound design by Keith Clancey
Lighting design by Eadaoin Looney

Get there early!
Sept 19th, 1pm
CIT Cork School of Music
Not to be missed!!!

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