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Old 06-02-2019, 10:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Great-Bit-O-Stuff View Post
Mommy and Doddy probably paying for that scrote to go to college. There are some young people with a serious air of entitlement around that place.
used to work in an off licence near there and from years of seeing twits like these, its usually the ones away from home for the first time, "breaking out" from the farm, usually they go one or the other way, one is they calm down after a few months after the novelty has worn off or go wild, act the bollox and entitled as Doddy is paying my bills, then they still party all year(life of the class - and then majority will calm down after a few weeks except a few ) and end up failing and going home back to mammy/daddy who are wondering why their little Johhny is not in 2nd year..

.the high turnover from 1st to 2nd year is because these little shits cant grow up and think since they watched American pie or Old School, think the party goes on for life

I used to see these types in every day for two naggins of the cheapest vodka and cans, and act the shitehawk thinking theyre the shit
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