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Old 20-02-2008, 12:46 PM
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Default photographic essay

Originally Posted by VirtualLab View Post
I look forward to seeing your work. I did a photographic essay on the place and there is so much material to work with up their it is uncanny. Part of that reason I guess is that the building was designed by 'William Atkins' and he apparently had a lot of gothic inflences in his design. The contrast of gothic with the religious catholic church aspect at the same time gives the place a strange feel.

Also the building has one of the longest corridoors in the country, I took snapshots of the corridoors at arms length through broken windows and the results are quite good. Good luck with your project.

I'll dig out some of the photos that I took if you like and link them to you via flicker or whatever for your research?

sorry about the delay, yup its so true there is so much to work with that when i suggested to my turors i would go up there they were really interested in the ideas but they did say that that would be a hugh project in itself that could take years to explore!
i went over it with some other people and one lady had done a project up there, she was working around decay and now i think entrapment. they had to break into the place and she did say it completely freaked her out.
found out an old tutor of mine also did a photographic project on the place which i would love to see!
I had planned on going up there after my last message to you and on the was I got caught up taking pictures of this cool building on the way, on closer inspection i noticed it was open and took a peek inside! it was pretty much empty but upstairs in a box there was some old mechanical booklets and some really cool old hand painted architectural plans.
plans of buildings that were ment to be build ON the river lee, dating back from the 60's/70's very retro!

At the moment im doing some print making of the plans i found and photo manipulations of the pics i took. tomorrow i will started stereoscopic prints of the building with the four point separation technique. I was trying to think of a way for people to get really absorbed into the pictures.
id like to
Oh and it would be great to see how you approached the subject so yup i'd love to see work from your photographic essay!
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