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Old 05-02-2008, 10:00 PM
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Smile mental aslum

Originally Posted by VirtualLab View Post
You might look at the old mental asylum above the lee fields, half the building has been converted into modern flats by Global properties (apparently owned by two brothers).

The other half of the building is still in it's old deteriorated state and has some very creepy old fixtures in some parts along with a small vestry on the grounds which has scaffolding poles penetrating the small church windows.

Spent a day photographing the place and there are some parts of it that made my skin crawl. I spoke to the security guard up there and he was eager for company and open about giving info about the current state of the place ie: teens and scumbags were targeting the place despite it's supposed exclusivity and huge property prices for the new flats. To me it looks like some kind of idealistic community gone wrong.

Behind the new flats is a little custom built french style villa which is new and seems unfinished but people have bought the properties. In between is a modern flat complex which is occupied. Across to the east close to the old mental hospital is the 'red brick' St Annes hospital which as far as I know is still being used.

A small anecdote I can offer is that my concerned mother visited a neighbour who was unfortunate enough to end up there, a young girl passed my mum a note and the note was a plea for help stating that she did not belong there. This note was not acted on but years later it turned out that a lot of young girls were 'imprisoned' out of the way in this place and their lives were basically taken away due to shame etc. My mum still feels a little guilty about this.

I did some research on the 'Atkins Hall' photographic project a couple of years back and it is definately something that you might have a look at for your project. I personally still find it fascinating on a lot of levels. I think I still have a list of records of the people that passed through the place.

wow thank you so much for getting in touch i found your reply so interesting! i will go down tomorrow evening an take pictures and some video. i have been looking for an ideal places to have installations and that sound perfect just hope there is no problem with me going in there! i spoke to some people about it and i was told that another past student of crawford did an installation piece in there before also. I will be in touch soon anyway and let you see whatever comes of it!
thanks again
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