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Old 29-01-2008, 02:30 PM
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Default Wanted derilict houses to document for Art Project

Im basically working on with this theme - passages in time and im doing a lot of mixed media work with found images and objects and also looking at old and derilict houses.
I will be doing B&W photography from these sites, paintings, assemblage art -boxes of found artifacts that represent fragments of personal experiences and also suggest a vast hidden or forgotten world that exists in other time and space. i will also be building small installations (site specific) that deals with private and collective memories and try to evoke a nostalgia feeling from viewers.
I would be interested in seeing any kind of old buildings no matter what state they are in, i will be completely responsible for my own safety and i will offer anyone that helps copies of any work that i do.
And if anyone wants to be part of the project i am also interested in old photography/negatives or even photocopies of old pictures to create a resin and silk screen installation.
That and recording peoples stories, maybe about their youth, family members, where they grew up, stories passed down to them.

Anyone wanting to know more or see the finished work can feel free to contact me,
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