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Old 01-05-2019, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Rorz View Post
Aslan clearly selling poorly in the Marquee as well, lots of advertising being done and they did a free gig in Golden Discs on Pana last week to publicise it.

And as for Rod Stewart and "Radio Rod", Cork's new 24 hour Rod Stewart radio channel... Clearly not great ticket sales for him as well
Aikens also doing promo on The Academic & David Gray.

I donít believe there hasever been a Marquee season previously, with so many empty nights, 15 at last count, and i also donít remember a period of more than 8 weeks where no new announcements have been made- last announcement was March 5th. So it looks like, this is not going well overall, looks like market saturation with the 6 Musgrave Park gigs in the mix, who are also advertising heavily for Lauryn Hill & Liam gallagher in particular
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