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Default Women ReBOOT Info Eve in Cork on 03 Oct

Women ReBOOT is a programme by the Software Skillnet for women who have taken a career break from the tech industry.

A pilot programme, aimed at reintroducing experienced women to tech jobs after career breaks, is expanding nationally and looking for new recruits.

The programmes will now commence in Cork and Dublin this autumn.

Women ReBOOT aims to get so-called ‘returners’ back into full-time roles, through a mix of coaching, online learning, networking skills and work placements in leading tech companies.

Software Skillnet believes that women who are qualified and experienced in the sector - who may have stepped out on career break to raise families or for other reasons - can create a new pool of talent for companies. With a little support and upskilling, they could be just what tech companies are looking for, say Software Skillnet.

Software Skillnet say that the digital technology sector employs 120,000 people in Ireland but studies show the proportion of women employed in technology roles in Ireland is between 16 per cent and 18 per cent.

To book your place at the Cork Info Eve in St Peter's Church on North Main St on 03 Oct visit http://www.softwareskillnet.ie/women-reboot for more information.

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