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Old 27-05-2019, 09:04 PM
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listened to a good interview with Ronan McCarthy yesterday on RedFM - sounded like he was being realistic but at the same time stating that he felt Cork had a fair bit of quality. If it goes pear shaped then he is firmly putting himself on the chopping block in fairness - I like his honesty. Much easier to hide behind the perceived lack of quality or injuries in the squad and protect himself before the event but he didnít do that. Kevin Flahive also interviewed and was equally realistic but seemed quietly confident that the team could perform. Nothing stupid is being said, respectful of the opposition and of Corkís league position but there is at least some level of expectation among the players which is good - in fact it is essential if we are to make any progress. The real talking will need to be done on grass but I am giving credit where it is due and they came across well
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