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Old 26-05-2019, 08:35 AM
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Assuming we beat Limerick and lose the Munster final, we go into the qualifiers to play a side coming through the earlier rounds. Already in the earlier qualifier rounds you have Mayo and Monaghan. The way the provincial rounds are falling you're going to have one of Tyrone or Donegal also come through that end, and Kildare from Leinster. Avoiding any of those, you're left with probably a Cavan, Fermanagh, Armagh or Clare. Lob Laois in there given their recent D2 promotion, or potentially a bounce back from Tipp.

Aside from Tipp, we haven't beaten any sides at that level in championship in about 6 years (Galway in Croke Park). Given we have consistently regressed in those 6 years, it's safe enough to say a loss there is highly likely.

So basically, we're looking at beating Limerick, losing to Kerry, and losing our qualifier match. No run of games to build experience, not even a confidence fillup like last years game against Tipp. In fact, it's set up to do the exact opposite.

What an absolute shit show of a championship structure. I would have little faith in our current management, but they have a very poor chance of building anything with so little meaningful games against sides of a similar standard like we get in the league, compared to how some Leinster or Ulster counties get a run of games going.
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