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Old 14-05-2007, 02:16 PM
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They need a good run with the main back four staying injury free and they need 2 of the centre mids to step up and really establish themselves as the main men, fuck the uncertainty in that position. I also think the Korean at full back isn't quite good enough (he is decent mind) for a team that seriously want to go top 4. Keane much as he gets ripped on here by quite a few is actually very good for Spurs, although admittedly frustrating. He's the one to partner Berbatov for me provided there isn't another one added. Basically IMO Spurs just need to clearly know who their best 11 is if everyone is fit. Right now I'm not sure they'd be positive where as the 4 above them would generally be pretty sure. -AmadeusDC-
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