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Originally Posted by dirty-trucker View Post
i think its a very good article.
philby must be rattled at the toughts of a one club one thread rule which would go a long way to tiding the board up.....

badly rattled.

its true though on the article. ronaldo in my opinion will go back to being a total cunt in my eyes regardless of what hes done this season if he holds utd to ransom.

rio turned a leaf in his book by signing the contract and hasnt looked back. this cunt will whittle away to nothing if he puts a gun to the clubs head. if i was fergie id sell him for 40m. youd make the team stronger if you sold him and had 40m to spend.

Difference with Rio is that he was English and nearing what is regarded as his peak, Ronaldo is only 22 and living in a country which is much different in terms of weather and the football season he had been used to (i.e. no mid season break). There is no way he'll see out his career at United but I'd like to think the club could keep onto him til he's 25/26 then potentially sell him for more IF he lives up to his talent.
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