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Old 12-01-2007, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by CHANCE View Post
38 years since they started and the first album still sounds brilliant today. Just listening to it as i'm typing this. Some of the lyrics might seem a bit weird to some people today but talent wise this band were at the top of their game.
This band is one of the best ever and i wish i was alive when they were still going.

Jimmy, JPJ, Robert, and Bonzo
unreal album. i used to think physical graffiti was my fav zep album, but i just keep going back to this one. every track was excellent. used to play dazed and confused with a band i used play in, class choon.

Originally Posted by tim the trip
i have every zepplin album .al the box sets and have seen page n plant twice.
i even read the hammers of the gods.
in my expert ledzep opinion, their best, hardest, song was..........wait for it............... achilees last stand.{presence}
very good song, and a bitch to play i'd say. the drumming is unreal, to keep up the intensity for such a long song, legend. did you go see plant in the marque?
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