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Old 22-10-2019, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by SoundMan View Post
Lee what say you on the heavy-handedness of Spanish Riot Police wearing their three foot batons off elderly men and young women who are clearly posing no physical threat whatsoever? Indeed some of the victims of the masked plod are literally sitting down while they're being hit in the head with those sticks, being punched, and even knee-kicked into the head? Appropriate policing or inflaming a situation out of control?

I see where you are coming from Sound. When the protesters were blocking access to the airport, which they aren't entitled to do, they were told to move on by the police and didn't. The police then had no option but to use force. I agree that a minority of them have gone overboard especially at night when they are being showered with dangerous objects.
As of now, the only person who's suffered critical injuries is a policeman, who is currently in hospital, fighting for his life having been hit by an object.
General Election on 10th of November is a chance for all Catalans to vote in a clean plebicite unlike the referendum farce. This farce was organised by separatists and the votes were also counted by them in the absence of impartial officials. Given this scenario the "yes" vote was always going to be declared the winner.
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