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Old 22-10-2019, 09:19 AM
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Originally Posted by SoundMan View Post
jimmy, what should SF say to people wanting Same Sex marriage or Abortion in the north. SF campaigned for it. Parity of Esteem is a basic tenet. Should SF tell those from the north wanting to marry their partner, or deciding they really need an abortion, that they should just suck it up until SF come into power, whenever those that are anti-Same Sex Marriage, and anti-Abortion eventually go back to the agreement on returning to Stormont? That could be months, even years away still jimmy.
And justice delayed is justice denied.
As i said i have no issue with this being implemented , Peadar Toibin is very vocal in saying SF actively lobbied The British government on this, I cant say for sure if they did or didnt but is that not an Ala CARTE approach if so?
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