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Old 22-10-2019, 08:59 AM
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Originally Posted by SoundMan View Post
Are you similarly critical of the Alliance and SDLP jimmy?

Whether we like it or not Abortion and Same Sex Marriage are already on the statute books in this jurisdiction - SF have already campaigned on behalf of both. Do you think SF should object to the imposition of rules that pertain south of the border, just because it's the HOC that threatened it as a lever to try get the DUP back into Stormont and when the DUP refused to go back to Stormont on the previously agreed terms, the HOC carried out their "threat" of regularising the legislation right across these islands, even on the last hold-out corner?
I have seen videos of elisha mccallion sf mp who i think is martina andersons
niece saying Britain has no right to impose laws on ireland and should have no say in Irish affairs, But i saw a post from her this morning hailing the decision,
I have no issues with the north being brought into line with the south ansd the UK, but it cant be a case of we will fight British interference on some issues but gladly accept others,
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