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Old 03-10-2019, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by jimmym View Post
If a garda was to give one of these scobes a slap he would be in deep trouble,
surely a slap is warranted in some situations, Garda morale must be low when they see the same fellas strolling around with multiple convictions ,
Permitting Gardaí to use violence might seem appropriate when you read about crime in the paper but long term it reduces the respect people have for the force. If you "warrant" police to slap a kid around for throwing stones at a bus, there will be Gardaí who will turn that into a beating. Police forces should show restraint and just implement the law as best they can in conjunction with the courts.

Obviously, if you're a tabloid troll you'll say the Gardaí have no respect credibility etc, but it's untrue. In Ireland there's still plenty of trust and respect for police in the general population. Visit South America or watch a doc on it to see how distrusted and corrupt the police are. You can't walk past them without having to pay a made up "fine".

It's one of those social conformity things in Ireland to give out about the Gardaí without any consideration for how difficult their job is and the type of cunts they have to deal with day after day after day.

I always find it asmuing when I hear people giving out about being caught speeding. They call the cops "sneaky" for being in a 50 kph zone or a long straight stretch in a 80kph road where you might accelerate up to 100kph. It's total bullshit. You're not special, the law is the law. Don't speed, and you won't get a fine.

They set up check points to make the roads safer. FFS, it's not a speed "trap" set up to squeeze coin out of you for their personal financial gain.
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