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Originally Posted by Bandon Langer View Post
Yet the Dublin version gets more and more on the same route. Just a thought. But the DAA would never screw over Cork, no sirree bob!
I think that there is a collective sense of denial about Cork Airport. I must admit that i don't understand why cork airport is run by the daa.

but i don't subscribe to the theory that the daa wants to 'screw cork airport'. sorry, but when cork flights aren't viable and close down, it's because not enough passengers use the service to make it viable or profitable. I'm not sure why cork expects to have services that simply cannot support.

when cork airport loses a destination, it is regularly blamed on;

-Lack of marketing
-The DAA
-Poor promotion
-Stupid people driving to Dublin
-Simon Coveney
-Some other politician
-The airline
-Parking costs

It is never blamed on

-Fundamental viability issues [insufficient numbers travelling]
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