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Old 07-03-2007, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by xvis View Post

Barca were in dire straits five years ago, and money ain't for nothing and the kicks for free was staring them in the face. they had to get a sponsor.

They were losing out big time to the galacticos, ...Laporta, Kijkaard, and Dinho turned things around. However in a few seasons when they are looking for cash, they will say there is already a precedent for having a name on the shirt and most supporters won't give be two fussed once it leads to improvements on the pitch.
cleverist business move ever.
bar chelseas plan to project them into a top top club.
Originally Posted by liam2me View Post
read the whole thread then come back to me and tell me who's the 'daw' (WTF is a daw anyway?) actually don't bother.
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