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Old 07-08-2014, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by strict66 View Post
go to www.daft.ie

these are areas nearby enough

Sundays Well
Western Road
Magazine Rd
Model Farm Rd
Washington St
Barracks St.
Green Mount
The Loch

To name but a few , Don't know how familiar you are with Cork but our city Center is fairly small with UCC itself located fairly central . It's within walking distance from all the places I listed above.
Strict has pretty much nailed it down there.

One thing I will say is this;

A lot of the kids sharing houses on College Rd, Magazine Rd, Hartlands Ave, etc have really ruined the houses. Some of them are disgusting, even on the outside.

Ruined to the point where the landlords don't really do anything repair-wise and you can't blame them because their properties are wrecked by immature kids each year..

As a mature student you might want to find somewhere on your own or be arrested for murder after one of your housemates gets you kicked out after destroying the gaff.
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