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Originally Posted by Cyprus Avenue View Post
Promoter is only paid his ticket sales by ticketing agencies approx 1 week AFTER the show has happened; for which he receives only the value of the ticket net of any ticketing agency bkg fees/commissions.

Also, probably best to mention this, but i dont think any Cork-based promoter sells enough tickets to qualify for rebates!
Maybe have a word with tickets.ie about rebates!!!

Thanks for clarifying, so TM get all the interest also, and this can mount up to a very substantial figure.

Take an O2 gig, most are a mixture of standing & seated, so it holds at least 14,000 for a "floor standing" gig. Take an average ticket price of 70Euro(after booking fees etc) -some are higher, some are lower.
Thats 980,000 banked by TM, many months, before it is paid over to the promoter. If they get say 2% pa interest(they probably get more) for say 6 months in advance of the gig, thats just shy of 10,000 in interest. Okay I am leaving out VAT and some other transaction cost considerations, but it gives one an idea of the scale of these financial transactions, and the huge interest which can accrue on them.
Of course a sold out outdoor gig like Slane, Croke Park, RDS or festivals, is a multiple of that interest figure. An 80,000 capacity Croke Park gig @ 70 a ticket, would yield around 56,000 in interest if sold out 6 months in advance, (around 70 cent per ticket)which a lot of them are.
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