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Originally Posted by madtheory View Post
O right. So the largest chunk of the pie goes to the artist then? And TM give that to them directly? In my ignorance I always thought it was the promoter paid the artists then took the risk on whether or not they could sell tickets. So the promoter gets the largest chunk of the ticket sales after TM take their relatively smaller chunk.
You are right. The promoter does the deal, and agrees the fee with the artist. TM sells the tickets on behalf of the promoter, and TM pays the promoter, who then pay the artist.

But this particular thread is specifically about TM fees, which has now been proved 100% to be partially, paid back to the promoter.

Promoters had been whinging for years about the high cost of putting on gigs, insurance etc. But failing to mention that when a ticket is sold, they also get a slice of the fees charged by TM.

There is also the fact that TM takes payment today, for an event that may not be happening for 6 months or 9 months. Theres also a few quid in interest to be had there as that money is banked up to several months before a promoter has to pay the artist in full.
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