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Old 07-10-2010, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by debgor2 View Post
It's not the number of Jews but the positions they hold. The use of what I term as "Computer Warfare" is a highly developed field in Israel. I'm not quite sure that a direct attack on nuclear facilities is the correct option. I believe one must work from within the population to overthrow the present government.
Before the fall of the Shah, Israel and Iran enjoyed a warm and productive relationship and I hope that sometime in the near future we can renew our friendship.
Personally, I reckon it's more likely to be the US with the aid if dissidents who would have worked in that sector.

The population itself is fighting hard to bring down the Ahmedinejad regime, but they have no wish for interference from Israel, US or UK. The Green Movement twitter messages are full of "gtfo" messages for those countries' security forces and even for the Iranian MKO.
They are making it quite clear that it is Iranians doing it for themselves.

Edit: And Debgor, even with Ahmedinejad ousted and IRI ended, I wouldn't count on a "warm and productive" relationship happening in the immediate term, ordinary Iranians across the political spectrum retain a genuine concern for the plight of the Palestinians.
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