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Old 19-02-2019, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Franno View Post
Is it time for the Divisional Championships to be separated from the County section. With the disparity in the divisions, would it not be better to just have an open draw for the Junior A county for all clubs 1st teams that are Junior A.
Some divisional finalists would not reach the semi finals in other divisions.
Think it is worth considering.
Would it not too big of a draw? While some finalists may not be as good as others, fhe countywide section would eventually knock any team out that isnít good enough.

Has the best team in the county won it in the last two years since they changed to both finalists making it to the county? Probably. Knocknagree won the All Ireland and Dromtarriffe lost by the narrowest of margins to a Kerry Division One team that won the All Ireland. Boherbue wonít agree with that though!
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