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Old 11-03-2007, 12:52 PM
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Yes it was a super game by two teams who don't really give too much of a shit about defending
(That's why they will be watching the quarter finals of the Champions league on TV)-the game was extra massive last night and it was just amazing to watch

I've a preference for Barca so was delighted that they snatched a draw but they are dropping loads of points lately (was that one from 9 in the league?)-Liverpool showed how they can be contained and they don't like when you get too close to them and upset their rhythm-it was excellent last night though and both of the keepers stopped it from being about 10-10-Think Farranreeboy had it down for 4-4!

Cassillas has to be the most important player for Madrid over the last few years (apart from Zizou) and Valdez had one of his great games

Unreal stuff, I doubt Jose would have approved, but for the fans like us it was incredible
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