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Originally Posted by Coin View Post
Systems should be irrelevant to 10 year olds. You teach them to pass it, control it and move without it. To head it, to tackle and to work in units to close down and cut off angles.

If all your players can do that, you can play whatever system you want.

By the way, on the crazy parent problem, you hear stuff mentioned like games where they keep score for under 6's. Does anyone know if soccer in this country really has games where they keep score for under 6's?
Yes as 10 year olds you teach them the basic skills and get them playing football but as teams progress and age you need some sort of a system. Spain, Belguim have shown that. Obviously you need to adapt for every game but if players are used to playing in a certain style then it can only be of benefit.

I do not about under 6's but certainly there are competitive U-10, U-11 games etc.
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