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Old 16-03-2019, 11:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Beamish View Post
Before I forget.

Mentioning a dead child to score points on the local talkpage scene marks you out as a particularly deranged sicko.

You pride of the parish types are all the same.
Inviting a guy to drive down from Donegal to fight you in the baby's walk in front of a WW2 memorial. And you are trying to make me look bad.
Have a day off. I can take your insults all day every day. I am proud to be from Midleton and its people.
This from a guy that said there was a potential riot in Ballinacurra when players met for a few pints from both teams after a county final.
Grow up for the love of God. Pride of parish is the foundation of Ireland but shur you are such a genius I bow to your wisdom only.
Song It's changing from Amazing Grace to Amazing Dan. The pride of Ireland you are and you deserve every parade tomorrow.
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