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Old 08-03-2007, 03:05 PM
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And so on to the reason I actually opened this thread - how good are the Mavs? They're on 16 in a row at the moment and are 51 - 5 since losing their first 5 games, but no ones talking about them as one of the best teams ever. This suggests to me that the rest of the league is crap. Looking at the East, apart from Detroit, you'd have to agree. And looking beyond Houston in the West, again you'd have to agree (although injuries are LAs biggest problem). LA Clippers, Denver, New Orleans, Cleveland, Miami and New Jersey (again, injuries) have all been disappointing.

By the way, in a shocking development the Spurs have caught fire around the All-star break and have a tidy 10 game streak of their own going.
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