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Old 08-03-2007, 02:52 PM
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I would be absolutely stunned if any team traded away one of the top two picks this year. No matter who they got back, all GM's would be terrified that Oden and Durant will turn into a megastar.

On Gasol, for one, he's not a terrible defender, he's just about average. Also, the whole point was that the Bulls refused to let Deng leave, so Paxson wasn't being that desperate.

On the whole, I'm not gutted they didn't get Gasol. If the Bulls could have got him for something like Gordon and Ty Thomas plus a throw in for contract matching (i.e. Sweetney) I'd have said it was good business. In theory, it makes them Eastern contenders for this year, because it's very clear that all they are missing is an inside scorer to free up space for the shooters, which would then be Hinrich/Duhon/Deng/Nocioni. Deng and Nocioni are not dead-eye guys, but can't be left open either. However, it would be a major shift in style of play, and I don't think they would have managed it. Next season, maybe.

The Bulls are a big market team, they should be shopping in the superstar aisle. I'd prefer to see them make a real run at Garnett. Offer Wallace, Deng and Duhon or something. Deng will be good, but you'd give him up for Garnett. I'd let anyone go except Hinrich. He's a good offensive point guard and an absolutely brilliant defender on anyone up to about 6'-7" (twice I've seen him gives Kobe fits and he does a decent job when he's on Wade too).
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