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Originally Posted by AmadeusDC View Post
I wonder what he is trying to say here? If the Suns record with and without Nash in recent years is anything to go by then of course he is the leagues MVP or at least one of the couple who should legitimately be considered for it. It certainly isn't tainted as a result of him winning back to back. The award isn't most talented player, it is most valuable and when Nash plays Phoenix almost always win where as they are below 500 I believe when he is out. On Pardon The Interuption Kornheiser wondered if Shaq was taking a stab at white/foreign players or if it was just a go at the 2 big players on the Heat's biggest rivals. Wilbon apparently is gonna ask him at some press conference today. I'm interested to see what he (Shaq) was really trying to say or if he was just misquoted. -AmadeusDC-
Heard that on th PTI podcast at lunchtime. Interesting alright. I just wonder are people getting overly paranoid when it comes to race issues these day's though. I think "tainted" wasn't the best choice of words but when you consider that it was Shaq who was the main contender to Nash in 2005 and his teamated D-Wade last year , then it just strikes as sore loser syndrome . He's not the first to question Nash as MVP either and most arguments seem to centre around how a guy can win back to back MVP's without leading his team to a championship or even a finals. You could understand these if the MVP was awarded after the post season but afaik it's announced during the playoff ( i stand to be corrected if wrong).
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