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Originally Posted by D'oriel View Post
I heard much of that article, not least the damning final paragraph, but the part that most puts me off reading the book (which I received as a Christmas gift) is this:

'It’s what’s left out of this book rather than what’s put in that is strangest. There is an absence of music, not just in its tone, but the content. There are emetic pools of limpid prose about the music business, the ingratitude of fellow musicians and band members and the lack of talent in other performers, but there is nothing about the making of music itself, the composing of lyrics, the process of singing or the emotion of creation. He seems to assume we will already know his back catalogue and can hum along to his recorded life. This is 450 pages of what makes Morrissey, but nothing of what Morrissey makes.'

I've spent 15 years or so listening to The Smiths, and what I would most want to read is the creation of some of the most magnificent lyrics and tunes. Inspiration, muses, developing, collaboration... I'm not as interested in Morrissey as I am in what The Smiths created.

I also received it as a Christmas gift. I read a few chapters here and there about him growing up. They are heavy enough to read. I picked it up again last week and am flying through it now, just at the point where the Smiths are breaking up. Overall, it's a heavy enough read at the start, but gets easier as he starts going to gigs and getting to know some contacts, and eventually meets Marr.

The book is not a Smiths book, it's a Morrissey book, so it covers all things Morrissey. The Smiths had 4 studio albums, Morrissy has had 9 so far, so the Smiths are over, and I am only just approaching the half way mark in the book, a weighting, thats okay with me, considering they broke up in 1987, and there is another 26 years to cover in the life of Morrissey to date.

Yes, that reviewer is partially right, it's very light on the detail of the tunes created by the Smiths,(maye try a book on Johnny Marr who did the bulk of the tunes) but there is a definite insight into where Morrissey's - Smiths lyrics came from, the reviewer is I believe wrong on that point, as "what Morrissey makes" are the lyrics. To get, where the lyrics come from you have to read those "heavy" early chapters of his world, it is not explicitly layed out for the reader, but it's there.

Overall am enjoying the read, he's not an easy character to understand or get an insight on, but he certainly is, very interesting.

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