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If you are growing indoors you are going to have to go the full indoor route of lights etc. Just putting them by the window is no good.

Mad on North Main Street sell feminized Lowryder for about 50 quid for four seeds. Yer only looking at about an ounce a plant but it's still a massive profit for the price if you're only looking for a bit of smoke for yourself or a few of your mates.

There is some really good strains that do amazing outdoors here though. I don't know why so many naysayers say it can't be done. Purple Power is another good one. Serious smoke not to be laughed at, like.

I know people that do it with great success so I'm giving it a bash this year myself. Most heads I've talked to in person and online have said to start germinating in early April and plant them out after two weeks. We are due a late frost though so be wide.

Put up a bit of chicken wire, scatter a few slug pellets around, use cow manure if you can source it and prepare it in the soil a few weeks before hand and your just about sorted.

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you dont want to be growing plants that reach 6 foot for obvious reasons, what you want is an auto-flowering lowryder i.e. a plant that wont grow above 2 feet and has no vegitave stage, it begins its flowering cycle immeadiately. some strains will grow fairly well outdoors like lowryder ak47. from seed to harvest in 2 months. the yield is pretty low, about an oz per plant , but they are fairly inconspicuous, so grow a few of them ! get feminized seeds so you're not messing around with isolating males. dunno if they are available in cork but no problem getting them posted in.
or so ive heard.........
let us know how you get on
You know yer stuff and I'm still a bit naive here but can you germinate outdoors? I don't want the plant dying on me but the gf, casual toker though she is, wouldn't approve of a hash plant hanging out the window.

Pretty much anything I'm doing is at my uh ... spot.
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