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Originally Posted by ItIsYeah View Post
Havnt smoked a joint in about 3 years but used to be fond of the stuff for years. Am after getting into gardening the last few years and recenty with Spring coming, I've been thinking a lot about growing a plant or two, more out of interest than anything else.
Has anyone done this in Cork? I've googled and theres too many different methods. I just want the one that works Also wheres the best place to get the seeds in Cork?
you dont want to be growing plants that reach 6 foot for obvious reasons, what you want is an auto-flowering lowryder i.e. a plant that wont grow above 2 feet and has no vegitave stage, it begins its flowering cycle immeadiately. some strains will grow fairly well outdoors like lowryder ak47. from seed to harvest in 2 months. the yield is pretty low, about an oz per plant , but they are fairly inconspicuous, so grow a few of them ! get feminized seeds so you're not messing around with isolating males. dunno if they are available in cork but no problem getting them posted in.
or so ive heard.........
let us know how you get on
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