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Originally Posted by Sound
Go on!


I beg you to tell me that Kieran Richardson is a better left back than Riise or Warnock.
Please do.

And for your next trick you can regal me with tales that Rossi will be better than Owen..
Neither of whom were deemed good enough to get into the side in front of Djimi "fucking" Traore?

I will rise to your bait though, seeing as you were good enough to rise to mine. Richardson, indeed, has more to his game already than both those and, who knows, might even start for England in one of their crunch games this week in place of Cole.

As for Rossi, tell me why he can't be better than Owen? You've every reason to be skeptical, he's done nothing in the game yet but, by all accounts, it seems that Utd had every reason not to follow up their interest in Owen when we've got this lad coming through the ranks.

Default Rooney Impressed By Rossi
Wayne Rooney believes Italian striker Giuseppe Rossi has a genuine chance of breaking into the first-team picture at Old Trafford.

After earning rave reviews for his displays last season in the Reserves, the skilful 18-year-old has edged onto the periphery of Sir Alex Ferguson's squad.

When asked by The Sun who was the best young player he'd seen, Rooney replied: "Rossi. I think he's got a great chance. He has got a great touch, and is a natural finisher. "

Rooney's insight comes from a well-qualified position, as a supremely gifted youngster himself,
Rossi the new Greaves?
Manchester United youngster Giuseppe Rossi has been compared to legendary former England and Milan striker Jimmy Greaves. Unitedís academy chief Les Kershaw said: ďThe FA set up a system with Academies to develop kids to win England the World Cup. I don't care if England donít get in the top 32 in the world. My job is to get a player in Unitedís first team. But he doesnít need to be English. Rossi has a wonderful chance. Heís like Jimmy Greaves, a left-kicker, tucks the ball away. But not English.Ē
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