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Default Random scurrilous Liverpool rumours



Continuing on from my previous post regarding a few bits of info past on from my boss who has a few connections within the board at anfield, i have been handed abit more info by the boss who this morning was still fuming about todays performance. Any way the information is very encouraging and shows that the world has not ended at anfield.

1. Barragan is being used in the first team in training ground matches as either a attacking full back or right midfielder the reports coming back are glittering and apparently bar gerrard and alonso he is the best crosser of the ball at the club and is very much in line for a first team call. I personally feel it will be against crystal palace but it is very nice to hear Barragan coming along so well.

2. However Barragan is not the only youth member receiving glowing reports in training Miki Rogue is suppose to be holding his own in training at the back and has filled in with carra during many training routines and is another that Benitez feels will be a first teamer in the not to distant future.

3. Continuing with the youth i am sure you are aware there were scouts at the u17 championships in peru and whilst the names have not been disclosed as deals are not done there are a few players that could well be making the switch to melwood soon. All i have heard of the players are that there is a dutch holding midfielder, a mexican winger(not sure of sides) and a south american striker(nationalty unknown) but is suppose to be lightning fast and a cool finisher. Names are being kept under wraps due to the tenderness of the said deals and the players are said to be highly desired by Benitez.

4. Liverpool have asked to be kept up to date with Simao at benfica and were extremely impressed with his performance against united. Although being understandably angered at Benfica for pulling out of the deal in the summer, Liverpool believe that a deal will be completed in January however other targets are beginning to become available.

5. Mexes has risen to the top of the defensive targets along with the two out of contract centre halves who are Navarro and Lopo??? Benitez believes however that Mexes could become the perfect foil for carra due to his composure on the ball and turn of pace as well as his ability to spot a pass. Although the board member believes that Liverpool are likely to look to bring in Navarro for a nominal fee and mexes on loan with a option to buy in the summer. This is due because coaching staff feel that we are considerably weak in that area and whilst the youth are very good that are not capable of competing week in week out at premiership level YET!!!!

6. As mentioned before Cortes is still being tracked and a scout was said to be attending their weekend game i believe it was against madrid not sure thou. Expecting the report soon and a move could be likely in the summer. If anyone saw the game could comment not sure if he played but any help would be nice cheers.

7. Patrice Evra of monaco a left back has become a target again the feeling is that there is not a left back of the highest quality at the club at the minute and therefore they feel that they will have to bring one in. However a deal will probably be next summer due to priortise else where.

8. The two top targets(meaning as in financial terms not posistional) are Juan Sanchez Joaquin and a fella from italy Iaquinta. Unaware of the latter but the former i personally would be delighted with. Benitez had mentioned Joaquin in the summer but betis would not talk as joaquin himself wanted champs league with betis however since summer things have changed and Joaquin has said to have informed his agent to check Liverpool out and Joaquin had a breif chat with a few Liverpool staff when the two teams played last month. I believe either a bid has been made or is in the process of being made as Liverpool want to strike while the iron is hot. Iaquinta is a player benitez has had watched and this board member believes from the talk that a move is being considered due to his current situation at udinese they may also see now as an ideal time to strike. Any info on this iaquinta fella would be grateful as my boss said the board member seemed extremely upbeat when talking about him.

Obviously Benitez does see that not all is well at Liverpool performance wise and is looking to sort it out although it is said that team spirit has never been higher and that after yesterdays defeat everyone kept there head up and are willing to work harder to address this.

A brighter note on Cisse thou apparently in training he is working his nackers of and is banging them in left right centre. But yesterday he was not in the right frame of mind due to problems else where concerning the police??

Will keep looking for more info and am happy to answer questions if anything is not understood. Cheers
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