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Originally Posted by SirCharles View Post
Hello, recently back from being abroad and obviously looking to drive while in the country.

Only to be now told the system doesn't recognise my previous years of driving - my 5 years no claims bonus doesn't apply since its not within the last 3 years. So my car insurance quotes are 2500+. This is obviously unachievable, and leaves me wondering how am I to live in a country where I can't afford the car insurance.

I'm sure many of you are in the same boat and disgusted about it, but who is there to complain to?

How is it governed? I would honestly like to know..

Your no claims bonus expires after 2 yes and essentially you start from scratch unless you can find an insurer who is willing to recognise your driving experience from abroad.
We're you driving abroad? Was policy in your own name or that of an employer..?..
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