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Old 11-09-2005, 11:28 AM
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Default Dolce Musica on TECHFM 94.8

Hi Everyone!

Don't forget we are on every friday,till 9pm.. We had a very enjoyable show last friday,and thanks again for all your texts and requests

So if you want us to have a track for your listening pleasure then email us on Dolce_Musica_Cork@ho tmail.com so that we will definately have it on friday for the show...

Or you can also text the station on 086-0584090 for any requests..

Don't forget this friday 6 - 9pm on Tech Fm 94.8


Dolce Musica's playlist for last night(9/sept/05) is as follows:

Awell - Watch the sunrise
Ivan Funkier - DeNiro
Dave spoon - 21st Century
Luke Walker - Alias
Hooligan - Bad boy Rockin

Dave Guetto - My love is always
Martin Solveig - Everybody(Ruffnecks remix)
Agent Sumo - 24 Hours
Greg Churchill - Infused Trash
Les Rythmes Digitales- Jacque your body (Sweat)

Phunk Electric - Red Hot
Free Mason's - Love on my mind
Soul of man - Shake em up
Dyllan Rhymes - Salty
Thomas Anderson - Washin up (tiga)

Bobby Blanco - Miki Moto - Black Sugar
Puretone - Stuck in a groove (acid)
Soul Central - Strings of Life
White Stripes - Blue Orchid (funkier)
Wahoo - Make em shake it

Code Red - EP
Electrified - (promo)
Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar
Audion - First Fnck (promo)
Mr.Spring - Voyager 1

Leger - Azidobrazil
Ripgroove - Double '99
Thomas Anderson - Breath (promo)
Brookale - Losing my religion
Bennassi - I got faction

System F - Cry
Dave Clarke - The compass
Delacy- Hideaway (Deep Dish)
Robbie Rivera - Bang
Audio Bullies - We d'nt Care

Thanks to everyone who text in,and Dolce Musica will be back on Tech Fm next Friday till 9pm...

Dolce_Musica_cork@ho tmail.com

Email: dolcemusica@techfmir eland.com

Dolce Mobile: 085-7365061

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