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Originally Posted by shogun666 View Post
This is just my view but I would never buy a Car off Jason O’Brien tramore road used cars again.I bought a car off him a year ago and brought it to mechanic after he laughed at me and told me I just wasted a 1000 euro on a piece of juck.I brought it back the same day and he and agreed to take the car back after a half an hour “discussion”He gave me 500 euro and said he would pay me the rest next week.I called back and he gave some excuse anyway to cut a long story short.After ringing him 67 times and called into 32 times I kept a record.He gave me back 150 and told me that’s all I’m getting.As I said this is just my view but I would not buy anything of him yet alone a car off this dealership
Thanks David
Bad form that he didn't give ya back all the money, but who buys a car then brings it to a mechanic to check it out? Usually the thing to do is have the mechanic check the car out before ya hand over the cash to the dealer.

By the way, if he said to come back the following week for the cash why didn't you hold onto the car as collateral?
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