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Old 20-10-2019, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Choon View Post

So this isnít a big deal? Like, itís trending on Twitter because it doesnít matter??

Come off the stage bro.

You are seeing where and how the Trump/Russia narrative came into being ( in real time )

You say you didnít vote, maybe you didnít
But you did believe her bullshit because youíre a fucking idiot, just like the rest of the idiots on this thread.

Sheís just exposed her herself. This is a catastrophic error.

Trump will use it to his advantage. Heís already got the economy in the bag, she has probably lifted a heavy weight around his neck.

And you think itís nothing?? Ha ha

Okkkkaaayyyyy buddy!

Keep truckiní

Only 5 more years to go!
Aside from your other nonsense, you keep posting all this breathless wingnut stuff as though it's going to change the minds of people opposed to Trump. None of it is. And the problem is Trump. He's a piece of shit.

Now, as I said, Clinton is not running and Tulsi isn't winning. So while this has a short term circus quality, it's not going to make Democrats start running to Cadet Bonespurs.
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