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Old 20-10-2019, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Dr. Aaoouh View Post
I didnít vote for her.

Anyway, Clinton isnít running and Tulsi isnít winning, so......what.

So this isnít a big deal? Like, itís trending on Twitter because it doesnít matter??

Come off the stage bro.

You are seeing where and how the Trump/Russia narrative came into being ( in real time )

You say you didnít vote, maybe you didnít
But you did believe her bullshit because youíre a fucking idiot, just like the rest of the idiots on this thread.

Sheís just exposed her herself. This is a catastrophic error.

Trump will use it to his advantage. Heís already got the economy in the bag, she has probably lifted a heavy weight around his neck.

And you think itís nothing?? Ha ha

Okkkkaaayyyyy buddy!

Keep truckiní

Only 5 more years to go!
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