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Originally Posted by Lostmeringtopaddypow er View Post
I travelled overland from Lagos to a kip called Osogbo.

5 hour journey each way.

4 lads in front in a jeep with machine guns, the same in a jeep behind us.
8 machine guns.

As we were going along the "roads", I saw things that no norrie has ever seen.

At one stage there was a truck in front of us that wouldn't get out of our way.

There were no windows in the truck.

One of the lads in the front jeep took out a whip and started lashing the guy driving the truck. All this was happening as we are going about a hundred miles an hour and trying to dodge the craters in the road.

And the hotel we had to stay in overnight in Osogbo?

Oh dear lord in heaven.

The only thing you can do in Nigeria is get drunk and hope you make it back to the airport in 1-2 pieces.

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