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Originally Posted by Meridian View Post
All right folks, the Telly.

I have been fleeced by Sky for years, have the sports and movie packages and also have the Eir sports channels for the rugby. On the Smart TV there is Netflix.

In the gaff here we have 3 sky boxes, 2 of the type that can record etc, not the Q ones though.

So i am wondering, is it a case of you get what you pay for or what with TV subscriptions ?

I have heard of a memory stick yolk that is 100 quid a year.
FTA on Sky boxes.
What is the best way lads or do i continue to be fleeced ?
A lot of people are paying Eir for the Rugby World Cup when you can just add all the ITV channels that are covering it for free at no cost to yourself.

1 Sky Q box with basic and kids.
1 Sky Free to air box and I have free Sky Sports (their error) down to pure luck.

It will all be subscription services soon anyway with broadband as Sky etc do not want to be paying for cable,boxes and installing dishes etc.
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