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Originally Posted by They View Post
Flights are 9.99 and people complain about landings. I fly ryanair a lot, some good experiences and some bad, but my average ticket one way is definitely under 30.

The fella in the cockpit is hardly one with 20 years flying experience, so you're not paying the big wages some other fellas would be on, and mix in all this with the other characteristics of the airline.

Flew in to Cork Monday morning in the wind, rain and fog. He landed 2nd time around, and even though it was sky/ground/sky/ground out the window for the last 20 seconds he met it bang on in fairness.

It's cheap for a reason, if ye want to be pampered with "soft" landings, fly aer lingus.
If I wanted to be "pampered", I wouldn't have already flown on Ryanair a dozen times since January, and indeed hundreds of times over the years going back to when they started in the mid 1980s.
Rather than complaining, I was merely wondering whether there was a particular reason for their more "robust" approach to landing their aeroplanes.
Some of the responses on here indicate that it's to do with their cost-cutting approach and their desire to save a few bob on kerosene. That makes sense as does the fact that they fly a little slower (taking an hour to do what they previously did in 59 seconds) and carry a bit less juice in the tank. I've since heard that they also tend to slam on the brakes harder on landing in order to get off the runway quicker so that they can make their targetted 25 minute turnaround.
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