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Old 05-04-2017, 10:34 PM
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Originally Posted by delzer View Post
Lots to see there Jimmy mate.

For something different try this


Also worth a visit


Museum island of course is great but get there early to avoid the queues

Soviet war memorial always worth a visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet...Treptower_Park)

Also apply for the tour of the reichstag online before you go.

Olympic stadium is pretty cool to visit as well.

Loads more to do will post when i think of everything
Nice one, delzer. Some great suggestions there.

Originally Posted by Stacky View Post
Head out to Wannsee and Grunewald.

Great forests for walks and cycling and even lake beaches etc. at Wansee.

Pay around 5.00 to get in etc.
Cheers, Stacky. Will definitely hit one of those. Could make a nice cycle trip out of it.

Originally Posted by Happyhonkaman View Post
you don't need tips, its a top, top city
Mitte is perfect, bang where you want to be .. just follow your nose, best way to see any city.
Nah pop no style, a strictly roots
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