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Old 06-05-2006, 05:17 PM
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Here's the dialogue. Any suggestions for making it more "Cork"? It's for American readers, so not too broad, like. Expletives welcome.

“How the f**k do I know?”

“I’m just asking, like,” came Colm's truculent whine. “He won’t like the house being burned down and all.”

The Gowl spat something onto the cobblestones and growled, “Shut yer hole, will ye? He won’t like it if ye let the perpy-f**king-traiter get away either.”

“What happened to yer foot?”

“Mind yer own f**king business. I’m going in the house. You stay up here. Now, what was it I told ye?”

“Aye. I know. Loosen up, will ya?”

“Don’t f**k with me Colm. Don’t f**king kill this bastard, or you’re f**king next. I’m not kidding.”
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