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Originally Posted by diar2me View Post
So, I have a CBR 600f. Took it to Ross Motorcycles in Cork to get a small crack in an oil pipe repaired. Collected it 10 days ago and it didn't feel right and had started leaking oil again. Decided I would bring it back to where I bought it, as I was happier for them to have a look at it before I took it back to Ross. Got a call the day before yesterday and they told me I was lucky to have made it to their shop. Turns out Ross Motorcycles may have put oil in where the coolant should be and now I have oil in the rad and everywhere the coolant should be. No trace of coolant.

Needless to say I rang Ross quite upset and angry and looking for them to sort it out as I may need a new engine. You can probably guess their reaction. Have insisted it's not their problem. They didn't fill it with oil and have basically told me to f off. Anyone have any ideas on how I can next approach this? I am trying to track down an independent engineer and then go legal.
what a shower of CUNTS
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