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Old 16-01-2019, 06:59 AM
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Originally Posted by polladdy View Post
I am upset that some environmental langer of a bureaucrat will force BAM to get rid of this pile when clearly it is intended for a purpose.It wasnt left there for the laugh.
It doesn’t appear to be there for an “intended purpose”. The excuse given was the lack of facilities to process it. They have given a commitment to deal with it:

“Cllr Tim Brosnan raised the issue at last night’s council meeting.

He asked if the rubble remains on site because of what he said he was told is a lack of suitable demolition material processing sites in the Cork area.

Mr Ledwidge said he was not aware that it was an issue but he said he gave councillors a commitment before Christmas that the issue is being addressed.”

So it just seems like slack behaviour on BAM’s part. If there was a genuine plan for the rubble pile surely this Ledwidge guy would have jumped at the opportunity to call it out.
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