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Originally Posted by MerchantOfEnnis View Post
Am I the only one who thinks that Ryanair need to be pulled up on this high court thing in the interest of passenger safety?

I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable getting onto a plane with a pissed off pilot who's employer had taken his union to court to stop him striking for better pay and conditions.

Pilots need to be in top mental and emotional condition when responsible for hundreds of passengers, but how can episodes like this be good for pilot mental health?

Not specifically Ryanair, but God forbid any airline has another Andreas Lubitz who is closer to breaking point than people think.

When it comes to pilot and passenger welfare, stories like this really don't help.
On the Andreas Lubitz thing, afaik Ryanair had a policy for a long time that if one of the pilots went to the bog, a stewardess/gay fella in uniform would go into the cockpit for the duration. The pilot unions in Germany were against this rule so Germanwings and Lufthansa did not have it until after the crash.
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