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Originally Posted by SoundMan View Post
The claim that nobody brought up rape but me is shown to be false when you tried to dismiss my "as long as it's consenting adults" as somehow being homophobic. Without it being consenting it's rape, and without it being an adult it's statutory rape. Sorry to labour the point but it seems you're so thick you needed step by step explanation that most would have gleaned from the outset.

A guy who uses "Sharpest tool in the sandwich" fantasises about pwning others

BTW - it's speaks volumes that you specifically drew kids into this. And "converting" - wtf is that about?

As it happens I voted, and did a small bit of campaigning, in favour of same sex marriage.

Probably best you step away from this thread before you completely pwn yourself again
I immediately get suspicious of people who attack the intelligence of other posters as a tool of debate
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